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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Michael Mosher who was born in Royal Oak,Michigan on January 31, 1976 and passed away on April 09, 2005 at the age of 29. We will remember him forever.
Michael was a great son , father, and brother. Michael was also a wonderful friend to have, and the best uncle a kid could ask for. On behalf of his family we would all like to thank you for your support and prayers. Thank you for loving and caring for Michael as we do. Michael never leaves our minds, he'll never be forgotten.

forever his sister,


                 Were you one of the Lucky Ones?

Did you get to meet the one that lived
every day as if it were his last?

Did you see that smiling face,
did you hear his infectious laugh?

Did you know the one that had a hug
for even the ones that fussed at him?

Did you ever go somewhere and know
when the life of the party arrived?

Did you know the one that could make
the best of the worst situation?

Did you feel like you were a special
person around him?

Did you ever feel so loved?

Were you one of the lucky ones...
love, Mom

Happy 41st Birthday Michael,

To Be a part of your journey, has 

been an adventure....

To have been a part of your life, is a 

priceless gift...

I love you brother,

Love, Drew

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Tributes and Condolences
10 years   / Sis
Michael, On this terrible day I think of how we lost you just shortly after midnight. I went through all of your stuff in the bin you left behind in my basement, I cried looking at all the financial challenges you were facing and how hard you were...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday Michael   / Mom
Happy Birthday Michael... You are missed by So many people who Love You and Always will!  I think of you everyday...and I'm really greatful for the times I spend with Nathan.  He's such a sweet, loving & caring much like ...  Continue >>
8 Years   / Gary
Hey Mike. Wow, 8 years have gone by now since you were taken from us. It’s weird because, on the good days, thinking about all the fun things we did and all of the good times we had, it seems like just yesterday you were here. Then on the bad d...  Continue >>
2013  / Kari
hi Mike, I know its been a while since I have written, had alot of ups and downs this past year! One good thing is that Nathan is doing good in school and has a steady job! He is back home from SVSU because of that hip injury holding him back! But, I...  Continue >>
August 2012   / Kari
Graduation, Party, summer job, fun with friends and now off to college....... So it's official! We know have an SVSU Cardinal! Nathan is moved in and beginning his new it was a very tough day, I think he was full of emotion, I know I ...  Continue >>
schools out!!!  / Kari     Read >>
7 YEARS  / ANDREA (SIS)     Read >>
another holiday season.....  / Kari     Read >>
Football season........  / Kari     Read >>
I Love & Miss You So Much!!!! :)  / Mom (Mom)    Read >>
here we go.......  / Kari     Read >>
04/08/11 / Sis     Read >>
12/23/2010 / Kari     Read >>
sooo much like you  / Kari     Read >>
09/22/10 / Sis     Read >>
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His legacy
Michael's Legacy  

       Michael was born January 31, 1976 to Michael J.Mosher Sr. and Sherrie Marie Mosher. Their pride and joy a little baby boy. As Michael grew he started to enjoy certain things such as working out alot with his father and learning how to fish and water ski at the cottage with our Grandma and Grandpa Mosher and Uncle Dave. Michael also enjoyed going up north to our Grandma and Grandpa McCaffrey's to ride dirt bikes and 3 wheelers. In school Michael was very smart especially with Math. Michael enjoyed playing school sports such as basketball, baseball, football and track. Michael graduated in 1994 from Hazel Park High School. But before he graduated he accomplished his greatest achievment,Michael and Kari became a mother and father to Nathan Michael Mosher on December 29, 1993.  Michael then began to work as a welder at Progressive Metal Mfg., and then moved on to be a repair tech for good family friends Bill and Debbie Murphy at A-Dependable Maytag. Later Michael grew a passion for carpentry, in which he and his good friend Eddie Daniels started Kodiak Carpentry. They worked side by side everyday for over 3yrs. Michael also worked closely with Joe, his good friend and boss at Quality Home Improvements and Painting. Michael was great at whatever he chose to do. Michael also loved playing darts, disc golf , softball and riding his motorcycle. But, by far his greatest passion of all was hunting.  If he could, he would have never left the woods. We believe in our hearts and minds that he is now in heaven with all of our family members that have passed on and his two good friends Ron Wilson and Mark Sawyers who have also passed on . Thank you for taking the time to read about Michael's life I am proud to be the one to share it with you. Andrea.
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Michael taking pics for his sister. Love that smile.
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